About Aimee

“Only the truth of who you are if realized shall set you free.”

Eckhart Tolle


My name is Aimee Avalon. I am a Vocational Expert, Spiritual Entrepreneur, and Female Educator. It took me a long time to be able to state these identities with certainty, to know what to call myself. Knowing who I am professionally and what I was meant to do as a vocation didn’t become clearly apparent until I was in my 40s.

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Prior to this perception, I was a content, full-time mother—out of the workforce for some time. I didn’t even realize my full potential wasn’t being expressed until my children were older and I became deeply interested in finding creative, inspiring work to pursue. But what does a full-time mother do when she has been out of the work force for awhile.

The short answers…Start an anti-aging medical clinic? Become a dating and relationship coach? Maybe build a yoga studio? Write a parenting book? Or perhaps buy a recruiting firm?

In truth, I did all those (except the parenting book, although I thought about it), but none of them were the right fit for me.

The yoga studio was financially risky, the medical clinic required a trusted doctor partner which turned out to be difficult to find. The dating and relationship coach worked for a while, but in the end—working predominately with men—wasn’t quite right either.

So, the recruiting firm it was!

That was going to be the answer to my prayers… I had to find a solution to my vocational dilemma sooner than later or I would run out of money. Also, after 16 hard-earned years of marriage it was time we went our separate ways. Suddenly, I had to be financially independent as my children’s futures depended on it. Plus no one would hire me for a regular job because I had been unemployed for too long. It didn’t matter that I had a master’s degree, or that I was certified in 4 different coaching programs, or that I was a naturally gifted event designer, planner, manager. It didn’t matter that I could read and write well, that I was exceptionally organized, or that I was creative and artistic.

None of that mattered to the corporate world. The thought of being an unemployed single mother scared me to death as the idea of that reality became more apparent. After all, how does one create marketable skills from years of being a mother? Sure, I was a great multi-tasker. I knew how to diaper two babies in under twenty seconds. I mastered the art of persuasion when my 2-year-old son decided to put himself on a self-inflicted time-out after stealing his sister’s Easter eggs out of her basket. I also threw an excellent dinner party and was quite the crafter on Valentine’s Day. And let’s not forget my double layered brownies are out of this world! Of course, none of those skills mattered either in the working world.

So, I took the next logical step.

I bought a recruiting company. My motto being if I can’t join em, I’ll beat em. I figured if I couldn’t create a decent job for myself and I couldn’t find a creative way to get myself hired, then I would be the one doing the hiring. At the very least, I would unlock the mysteries of the job-seeking world.

And that’s exactly what I did. I found employment for well deserving people. And I figured out the key to what employers are looking for.

Want to know the recipe? It’s simple really.

Do the same thing over and over again, with minimal change, lots of tenure and minimal salary requirements. Recruiters will be knocking your door down. No job hoppers, no title seekers, no looking for better pay, and definitely no elders (actually it’s better if you’re under 35). That’s the recipe. If you have all that going for you, your golden, if not….

Naturally, I had none of that going for me. This translated into the employment world as being undesirable, unemployable! The kids would have to settle for tuna casseroles in a cat pissed apartment on the other side of town. Because the only jobs I could get hired for paid a minimum wage, and since we also happen to live in one of the most expensive counties in the world (a county where one million dollars gets you a one bedroom shack in a moldy redwood grove) it also meant walking the road of shame back to my childhood of being a poor kid living in sketchy neighborhoods.

That was not the road I wanted to walk down, and certainly not a road I wanted my kids to walk down. What choice did I have? As I saw it, not much. So, I bought the recruiting firm. I bought the recruiting firm with the only money I had, my retirement money.

So there I was, now post-divorce, broke, no savings, a single mom, a non-existent retirement, and making anywhere from 50 to 80 calls a day to build my Dig—the name recruiters give their trade industry. I gave it a good college try as they say, but, honestly, I quickly realized I was not cut out to be a recruiter either.

Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people find good work. I especially love helping older people find quality work (a daunting task as there is quite a bit of ageism in corporate America). And, I certainly love it when the full-time moms call for my help. In fact, I thought about recruiting solely for full-time moms. Clearly, I had great compassion for them.

I was told that was a ludicrous idea, that I would NEVER make any money as a recruiter doing that, that no one would hire moms. Sadly, they were right.

Barely keeping it together, once again I began the hunt to find my vocational path. Of course, I kept recruiting but I knew I was not meant to do that as a profession. And, the stakes were higher now as my children were relying on me to get it together. I didn’t have the luxury of failing in my next adventure which meant I HAD to get it RIGHT this time.

I am happy to say, after several searches, failed attempts, and start-up business pursuits, trying desperately to find the right path for me, I finally figured it out! But, not until I explored and tested and re-tested myself on every possible level trying to understand what my potential was. Asking myself the questions,

Who am I


What am I meant to do?

I psychoanalyzed myself. I prayed. I mediated. I journaled. I read everything worth reading in the Find your Career, Find your Passion, and Find your Life’s Calling, categories. I took every worthwhile assessment. I did online courses. I did workshops. I made it my personal mission to seek out the very best of the best of assessments; to find the ones that were scientifically proven and valid, and even to explore a few that were valid but not well known.I got a tarot reading, I read my own tarot, I did a Vedic Psychic Astrology Chart Reading. My quest went on and on.

As scary as it was, I did the very thing I did not want to do. I allowed myself the gift of time when I felt I had none to spare. I allowed myself time to go through a process of self-discovery. And in so doing, the lightbulb finally went on. I was meant to be an entrepreneur of my own design! I was never meant to work in a corporate environment, or to start a business with anything that seemed to fit, or even own a franchise. It had to be of my own design.

That was a huge relief but only half of the equation. Knowing that I was meant to do my own thing wasn’t that hard to figure out. What was my thing? however, that was the real question I had to find an answer, and it had to be the right answer. No guessing games, no settling for something just to make ends meet. That would not get my kids through college. Nope! I needed a bullseye. My next vocational adventure would be the very thing I was always meant to do…

This meant I had to really dig deep, I had to find a surefire way of getting to the truth of what I was meant to do, and then I had to find a way to confirm I was making the right choice. For someone who’s not very scientific this was a massive scientific and spiritual undertaking.

And, I discovered it! I discovered it because I was absolutely determined!

I discovered a process that literally pin-pointed what I was meant to do with incredible clarity, with certainty even! It was an amazing discovery, one that shocked me quite honestly, because it pointed me in the very direction I’m currently in, which is to help women become financially independent by helping them discover their path. In other words, I was meant to do the very thing I most struggled with.

Out of this process came a methodology which is taught to other women in
The Rad Academy Course.

This process allowed my CAREER PATH to claim me versus me trying to claim it, and gave me the confidence I needed to power through on my goals. Plus, once I understood that as an entrepreneur I evolve as my business evolves, I realized I found my HOME.

Not only did I find my home, but I also discovered a system to confirm who I really am. This is also why I opened this page with the quote, “Only the truth of who you are, if realized, shall set you free.” Eckhart Tolle

First, I discovered who I am not. Then I discovered who I am, and then I discovered a process for confirming who I am so that I never ever doubt myself again.


This new perspective led me on a journey to get on the Right Path, which is—in its most basic form—helping other women find their true authentic calling by getting it͞ right the first time.

By getting it right, I mean creating a career custom-designed to accommodate your Natural Talents. A career that uses the very best of your innate abilities, your acquired skills, your higher intelligence, your personal passions, fulfilling your deepest needs, all the while motivating and uplifting you every day.

So, if that doesn’t make you sit up and say, finally! It’s about time…hallelujah, sister! then here are some of my WHYs for why I started this business.

I started this business because I wanted to give women, all women around the world a fighting chance…

  • Who’s struggled to define what she does for a living
  • Who’s known she was meant to do something meaningful in her life and not willing to give up on that dream
  • Who’s struggled with feeling less than (or inadequate) in her chosen field of work
  • Who’s ever felt financially imprisoned by her dependence on another for her support, safety, or survival
  • Who’s ever had the desire to be home raising her children while also building a career
  • Who wants to be a positive role model for our next generation of girls, who are watching their mothers build a life and career they love—to know that they too can do the same

So, how do I accomplish this?

I do this through an online women’s business or career course named the RAD ACADEMY COURSE. It is the best available and most comprehensive female entrepreneurial business study course on the web. It includes internet based training so it’s convenient for your schedule. I developed this course out of my own extensive business and life experience, and because I felt such a course was the most effective vehicle to get this information out to as many women as possible—in the most engaging, immediate and powerful way.

As a personal aside, as I was going through my personal struggle trying to find my life purpose I couldn’t wait to get myself on the right path. It was painful to be in the place where I stood. I was desperate to make money for my family’s survival. So, creating a women’s entrepreneur course seemed the most powerful way to disseminate the materials and create the process that would become known as The Avalon Method.

Thus, began the process of putting the Rad Academy Course together, using The Avalon Method as my guide along the way. And, I am proud to say, this is what I was meant to do because sometimes…”we teach what we need to learn the most.”

With that said, I am always evolving. As are you. Each one of us has both strengths and weaknesses that require deep exploration to be fully recognized and used. This sometimes take decades to explore. But, I strongly believe one of the best ways for us to express the full range of our gifts (our authentic creative power) is through the work that we do.

Here’s the point of the matter. Most of us need to work for a living, and most of us work more hours in the day then we spend with our families or alone in our spare time. Since work is such a major part of our lives, it seems to me that we should use this massive amount of time doing things we love, that we are good at, and that makes the world a better place for the doing of them.

That’s obvious and simple enough.

Yet, I find we struggle as individuals and as a society with this. I certainly did. In fact, I am joined by millions of people because the work/passion struggle is a pervasive issue. According to the most recent statistical findings, the majority of our working population (around the world) are unsatisfied with their jobs/careers—contributing largely to an increase of depression, anxiety and stress. The outcome of all this experience and searching is my online women’s business course for those aspiring to entrepreneurship or those already building and expanding. My clients view it as a radically important and comprehensive study course for female entrepreneurs. And, as well, it is designed for women seeking new, ultimately satisfying careers.

Why Entrepreneurs?

Because I strongly believe that women are going to change the world for the better. And I believe they are going to do that through the vehicle of entrepreneurialism. I also believe we are all uniquely beautiful and that intrinsically we are all creators. Only in the field of entrepreneurialism are we truly able to create our own path, our own destiny, using our own unique strengths, which is another way of saying our greatest creative potential.”

Why women?

I chose women because I have noticed an interesting trend which I don’t think is going away anytime soon. Female entrepreneurs are (for the most part) concerned with social justice and progressive change. This is not to say that male entrepreneurs are not. Only to point out that women, statistically speaking, are creating social movements and socially conscious businesses more than men.

In fact, many female entrepreneurs who do not run socially conscious businesses are still using their businesses to help fund specific causes they personally care about.

I find that to be an interesting trend, and since I consider myself to be a socially conscious female it makes sense to me to focus on helping women bring their passions forward. It’s one way, (a small way, but one way none-the-less) I can contribute to the betterment of society.

I spent an enormous amount of time trying to find my one true calling. Yet all along I was never meant to have just one calling. Rather, as an entrepreneur I was meant to actualize multiple callings. That was my destiny, but I didn’t realize it until it hit me smack in the face, or more apropos, a shovel to the head.

Which brings me to you.

You see…

I believe every woman on this planet has unique gifts to share with this world.

I believe women are going to pave the way towards a more peaceful society, and that given the opportunity they can and will change the world for the better. I believe in the Divine Feminine and I believe together we can accomplish anything we set our hearts and minds to.

More importantly, I believe women should have it all. They should be able to choose a career and create a family they love. They should not have to sacrifice one for the other. They should be free from the constraints of financial imprisonment, and ensure their personal freedom and financial stability through building their own success. I had to learn this the hard way.

My work offers this—plus a community of Awesome Radical Females making a difference in the world through the work they love.

I now share this with you in the utmost respect, honor, and consideration for your Soul’s Journey.

My personal mission is help YOU find your Entrepreneurial Calling or your Passion Driven Career. I am determined to do that through The Radical Female Academy and The Rad Academy Course.

So, there you have it. That’s me.

It is my sincere desire you join this tribe of Radical Females so that together we accomplish the Real Work we were meant to do. Let’s change the world, ladies!

Now IS the time.

With all my love,


P.S. Here are some notes on my personal education and professional background that speak to my qualifications.

I have a background in counseling, with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. I’m a Certified Business Consultant, Vocational Counselor, and Life Coach. I’m an Expert Psychometric Examiner, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a member of The American Board of Vocational Experts. I was formerly married to a well-known entrepreneur so I had the opportunity to grow up in the entrepreneurial world for over two decades. I still own the IT recruiting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and because of my proximity to Silicon Valley, I’ve had the good fortune to work with many start-ups.

I am also an optimist, a futurist, a dreamer, a dancer, and a Radical Female.

I hope to meet you virtually and to help you find your Path.

With all my heart!


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