Emma had a fairly typical childhood.  Like most children, she played, she went to school, and she frequently daydreamed.  Although her father left when she was 7, she had a loving mother, an annoying younger sister and a family favorite pet, her cat Skittles.

Emma grew up in a small suburb in the middle of “no-where-ville,” and did all the things expected of a young lady her age.  She applied herself to her studies, she told her mother half-truths, and she rarely ate her veggies.

At the age of 18, Emma left home and ventured off to a large city in the middle of “Somewhere Special” where she went to college and did all the things expected of a young adult.  She applied herself to her studies only when absolutely necessary, she got her first part-time job where she showed up 10-minutes late with consistency, and she drank excessively when needing an excuse to avoid mid-term finals.

At the age of 23, Emma graduated from college, she moved to a small funky place in the middle “Somewhere Cool” and she did all the things expected of an adult.  She got hired for her first real job, rented an apartment near her work, and made friends with other co-workers.

At the age of 32, Emma met Randy.  Emma and Randy got married and did all the things expected of a young couple.  They had a baby, bought their first home, then had another baby, made new friends with couples with kids, followed by Emma quitting her job to become a full-time mom.

All was right in Emma’s world, or so we might assume.  That was until things changed.  After 15 years of marriage, Randy turned into Tandy (a young female hiding out inside a 49-year old man).  And Tandy needed to change up a few things.  Along with a new identity, Tandy needed the freedom to explore her wonderful newfound self.  This also meant a family separation.

Of course, Tandy was a responsible parent and continued to support and care for their two children but Emma had to find a new way to support herself, as Tandy’s new job did not pay as well as when she was Randy.

Feeling a bit anxious over the prospect of finding a new job after being out of the workforce for over 13 years, Emma set out with hopeful anticipation that she would find something that would give her a modest income and still allow her to collect her children from school.  She did what was expected of an adult in her situation.

She created a resume, although she found that difficult, as what does a full-time mom have to say on a resume?  She applied online to several job boards and she filled out several applications.  After 6 months with barely a prospect, she resorted to greater efforts.  She reached out directly to the hiring managers, and CEO’s – generated creative, funny, and engaging cover letters and stalked various companies ready to pounce on the first job posting.  With all that, no one would hire her for anything more than a minimum wage job, something her now 16-year old could do.

Feeling frustrated and getting panicked over her dwindling bank account, Emma decided to start her own business.  After all, she had always admired some of the female entrepreneurs she had seen on YouTube, read about in Forbes Magazine, or watched on TedX.

“How hard could it be?” She thought.

And, since she had always loved journalism, in fact, studied it in college, she figured she would start a Blog.  What to blog about was the only problem.

She was a mom, so she could blog about the perils of motherhood, but there seemed to be a lot of those types of blogs.  She was a creative writer so she thought about teaching others how to write creatively; “perhaps creating a course on creative writing,” but how exactly would she do that,” she wondered?

She also loved personal development stuff and often fantasized about being a Conscious Leader of sorts.  “What subject would she choose?”  “How would she get her name out there?” and “who would listen to what she had to say?  She wasn’t a somebody,” she thought, “she was a nobody.”  “Who would pay to listen to a nobody?”  “How does one become a Conscious Leader after all?”

If only she had the answers…

Here’s what she had, she had the courage, the tenacity, and the ability to do something great, and she had mad skills, she just didn’t know it.

Thus began Emma’s search chasing the white rabbit.

Looking for clues along her path of life, she began to make a list of all the things she had done, all the jobs she had performed, things she studied in school, the subjects she found interesting and the volunteer work she had signed up for.

As she looked at her list she made note of the things she had been drawn to over and over again.  Surprisingly, she found that in addition to creative writing she also really loved anything having to do with flowers.  She absolutely loved floral arrangements and could be found spending countless hours in her garden tending to her rose bushes.  In fact, she had once signed up for a floral arrangement class just because she loved it so.

What was it about flowers that she found so intriguing?

Well, she thought, in addition to being beautiful and smelling nice what she really loved was what they represented.  To Emma, flowers were the peacekeepers of the world.  They were small significant objects of nature that provided a massive amount of happiness to people’s day.

When she looked even closer, she realized it was the unspoken message that flowers conveyed.  Messages such as, “I love you,” “you mean so much to me,” “thank you” and “I hope you get well soon.”

Hmmm? She thought, I forgot about the flowers.  At one point in her past, she had even fantasized about opening a floral shop.  Of course, now she wouldn’t have the money to do that but the thought of flowers or something to do with flowers kept coming back.

Until one day, while eating a grilled cheese sandwich at her favorite café, watching all the shoppers pass her by, the light bulb went on!

“I could create a stationary store that would supply a unique style of pre-made creative messages to cover all the reasons people send flowers.”  I could create this store online so I don’t have the overhead of a physical store, and I could travel from floral shop to floral shop to sell my messages to floral shop owners.”

So, began her writing, and write she did well.  She created beautiful messages (one of a kind), some clever, some witty, some self-effacing on beautiful floral cards, and sold them to floral shops around the country.  As it turned out, there was such a hot demand for her messages, as they were truly one of a kind that she had to hire a team just to keep up with the all the writing.

Today, Emma is at peace with the world. Her kids are grown and out of the house, her friendship with Tandy is wonderful and her life trajectory is looking very promising.  None of which would have happened if she did not take the time to Chase the White Rabbit.

“Chasing the White Rabbit”

“To chase the impossible by following an unlikely set of clues to find yourself in an extraordinary situation.”

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